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Best Lion Dance Service in Los Angeles


Performers Equipement  Total
3 1 Lion & Drum $599
5 2 Lions & Drum $799
8 3 Lions Drum Gong $1,299
8-10 3 Lions & Shaolin Kung Fu Show $2,000


The most professional Lion Dance & Dragon Dance performances in the Los Angeles and South Bay area. These performances are available for weddings, restaurant banquets, festivals, and business grand openings. Please book performances at least a week ahead of time. Each performance is specially custimized to the event and surrounding conditions.

If you are interested in booking a Lion Dance or Dragon Dance performance please examine the convenient chart bellow. There are various prices depending on the number of lions or size of the Dragon. For performances outside of Los Angeles please contact Wushu Shaolin Productions for further details. Seperate prices may apply. 



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