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The Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu online distance education course for yellow belt features tutorials by Wushu Shaolin Pioneers and Kung Fu leaders Patricia Kusaba, Matt Leiv, and Manuel Acevedo. This instructional DVD contains all of the movements necessary to learn the preliminary Shaolin Kung Fu Form known as Lian Huan Quan.

The disk also contains highlights of the 2012 UC Berkeley Wushu Tournament "CMAT 20", and a sneak peak of upcoming projects by Wushu Shaolin Entertainment. Students who complete the Yellow Belt level curriculum on this DVD may take the official Wushu Shaolin Examination online by visiting our website.

Thank you for working together to produce something revolutionary and share Wushu with the entire world. 


Shifu Sal Redner 
Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu
Online Distance Education Course



Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Yellow Belt is an invaluable reference manual that includes important Shaoln Kung Fu forms such as Ba Duan Jin, Lian Huan Quan, Lian Bu Quan ( Ling Po), Yin Shou Gun, Tan Tui, and Elementary Dao Shu. If you enjoyed the first volume of Wushu Shaolin you will definitely enjoy this one as well.

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This reference manual includes the five basic stances, Wushu stretch kicks, Wu Bu Quan, 12 Tan Tui, Chuji Gun Shu, and Shuai Jiao (Chinese Judo). The purpose of Wushu Shaolin is to unite modern Wushu and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu into a cohesive curriculum. This book is the collaborative effort of numerous Kung Fu teachers, schools, and organizations. The Wushu Shaolin curriculum incorporates tradational and modern standardized forms from the Shaolin Temple, Jing Wu organization, and the International Wushu Federation. It is our privilege to provide the martial arts community with the first volume of the most comprehensive Kung Fu encyclopedia published in America. 

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The Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu online distance education course for white belt features tutorials by two of the most prominent female Wushu and Kung Fu leaders in Los Angeles. The DVD contains instruction on the 5 basic martial arts stances, 4 basic Wushu stretch Kicks, and Wu Bu Quan also known as the Five Stance Form. 

The disk also contains footage from the latest 2012 examinations held at the Wushu Shaolin Headquarters, highlights of the 2012 Berkeley Wushu Tournament "CMAT 20", and a sneak peak of upcoming projects produced by Wushu Shaolin Productions. 

Michelle Lee , Lorna Umphrey , Patricia Kusaba



Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu is among the leading Chinese Martial Arts schools in southern California. The curriculum includes many styles of martial arts, with a comprehensive emphasis in Wushu and traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.  The facility is equipped with professional Martial Arts equipment capable of turning dedicated practitioners into season champions. Many of the students have exceled in national tournaments, winning Grand Champion titles.

Shifu and a group of avid enthusiasts from San Pedro, California, established Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu during the turn of the century.  Initially, the group practiced at the San Pedro Korean Bell and a local community center called Toberman Settlement Home.  After many years, Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu assisted countless youth, free of charge.  Since then, the organization has blossomed into a worldwide network of practitioners through the revolutionary online distance education course.



Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu School

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For students interested in learning at our academy, the facility is located in Gardena, California on the Northeast corner of Normandie Avenue and 137th street situated in the South bay of the Los Angeles, California Basin. It is a spacious 4,000 Square feet Martial Arts training facility dedicated to Contemporary Wushu and Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu. The facility is equipped with a seamless martial arts floor used for throws, sparring. grappling, and combat sports. In addition, there is a competition gymnastics spring board floor. The mats allow students to safely progress when learning rolls, flips, gymnastics, wushu, and aerial tricks. Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu is also equipped with kickboxing equipment, heavy bags, weapon racks, and a traditional Wing Chun Dummy. 



Shifu Sal Redner 


At the age of 8, Shifu Sal Redner began studying Jeet Kun Do in a local YMCA in San Pedro, California. The course was taught by a top level student of Dan Inosanto and included training in Fillipino Stick Fighting known as Escrima and Bruce Lee's famous style known as Jun Fan Gong Fu.  After experimenting in various martial arts including JudoAikido, and Shotokan Karate, Sal began studying Tae Kwon Do and Tang So Do with Sensei Ruben Gonzalez. Upon receiving a 1st Degree Black Belt on January 8th 1999, his father began searching for a more comprehensive martial arts system.  After researching Kung Fu schools in Los Angeles, Sal Began studying traditional Shaolin Kung Fu under Shifu Manuel Marquez. During many years of training, he was prevledged to study with numerous Kung Fu Shifu's in California. At the age of 18 Years old and with a decade of intense training, Sal was honored to receive the Grand National Champion title after defeating many competitors in numerous divisions at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The competition featured martial artist from every discipline and included Hand Forms, Weapon Forms, Sparring, and Brick Breaking. 


In 2004, Shifu Sal Redner began traveling across the globe to the birthplace of Martial Arts to study Wushu in Beijing and Shaolin Kung Fu in Deng Feng, China. During repeated pilgrimages to the Shaolin Temple, Shifu Sal has developed great friendships with great Kung Fu teachers and Shaolin Monks. In China his training included modern routines compilled by the International Wushu Federation and traditional Kung Fu styles taught at the Shaolin Temple. After being instroduced to Shifu Hu Zheng Sheng, Sal was accepted as a private disciple of the revered Xinyiba system. As an American pioneer of the art, Sal is revered by many for leading a pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple each year. Above their is a photograph of Shifu Hu Zheng Sheng and close students. 


In 2010, Sal was accepted as a private disciple of Shifu Scott Jensen of the 10,000 Victories Kung Fu School in Northern California. After studying with Grand Master Wong Jack Man for many decades, Sifu Scott Jensen has acquired a clear and concise understanding of the 10 Core Northern Shaolin sets.  As an inheritor of Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, Sal continues to learn the art and preserve it for the next generation of pioneers. For more information regarding Sifu Scott Jensen and the 10,000 Victories school of Chinese Martial Arts, please visit thiswebsite.


As an American pioneer of the Shaolin arts, Shifu Sal Redner is revered by many as a leader in the Kung Fu community. Shifu Sal Redner works tirelessly to promote the traditional Chinese martial arts in America and throughout the world. His productions have been featured on national television and throughout the world in live showcases. 


Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu Belts & Ranking

 If you are a member of our course, please create an account on our homepage to receive access. By clicking on any of the belts, students can learn more about the curriculum and requirements for belt examinations. 


Martial Arts Courses & Programs



Wushu 武术, which is synonymous for Kung Fu, is the modern sport popularized by Jet Li 李连杰. The competitive sport is divided into two primary categories, Taolu 套路 and San Shou 散手. Taolu are the unique hand and weapon routines derived from traditional Shaolin Kung Fu while San Shou is the Chinese version of MMA or Mixed Martial Arts. The International Wushu Federation has standardized the various TaoLu routines into three primary categories; ChangQuan 长拳NanQuan 南拳, &Tai Ji Quan 太极拳. Modern Wushu Chang Quan or "Long Fist" is divided into 4 primary levels which include Chu ji Chang Quan 初级长拳Zhong ji Chang Quan 中级长拳Gao ji Chang Quan 高级长拳, and Guo Ji Chang Quan 国际长拳. In addition, there are four fully recognized weapon divisions that include the Staff 棍Broadsword 刀Straight-sword 剑,Spear 枪.

Modern Wushu NanQuan 南拳 is devided into 3 primary levels which include Chuji Nan Quan 南拳, Zhongji Nan Quan南拳, and Gaoji Nan Quan 南拳. There are also two primary south weapons such as Nan Gun南棍 Nan Dao南刀. Wushu Shaolin Kung Fu students must memorize all of the compulsory routines in order to receive a Black Belt in South style Wushu. 





Shaolin Kung Fu is world renowned as the mother of all asian martial arts. It was developed at the Shaolin Temple in Henan Province, China approximately 1500 years ago from a set of yoga health postures. There are two primary sets of Shaolin forms that are taught around the globe. The first set is the 10 core Songshan Shaolin Temple forms which include Lian Huan Quan 连环拳Tong Bi Quan 通臂拳Xiao Hong Quan 小洪拳Qi Xing Quan 七星拳, Da Hong Quan 大洪拳Pao Quan 炮拳Tai Zu Chang Quan 太祖长拳Chang Hu Xin Yi Men 长护心意门Luo Han Quan 罗汉拳, and Shaolin Guiding Quan 少林规定拳.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is another system that includes two preliminary routines known as 12 Tan Tui 十二弹腿 and Lian Bu Quan 连步拳. There are also 10 core Northern Shaolin forms that include Shaolin #6 Duan Da 短大, #7 Mei Hua 梅花, #4Chuan Xin 穿心, #5 Wu Yi 武艺, #8 Ba Bu 拔步, #1 Kai Men 开门, #2 Ling Lu 领路, #3 Zuo Ma 坐马, #9 Lian Huan 连环, and #10Shi Fa 式法.

Northern Shaolin Kung Fu is also filed with numerous animal styles including the infamous preying mantis. Two of the most prominent preying mantis forms include Li Pi Tang Lang & Beng Bu Tang Lang. In addition to animal styles there are 18 classical weapons in Shaolin Kung Fu. Some of these weapons are Yin Shou GunShaolin DaoShaolin QiangShaolin Jian,San Jie GunJiu Jie BianShaolin BianSheng BiaoShuang DaoShuang BianShuang GouShuang Shou JianPu DaoDa DaoYue Ya Chan, and Damo Guai Zi.





Tai Ji Quan is world renowned for its healing abilities. It is an ancient exercise that encourages proper breathing and body posture. There are five predominant Tai Ji styles that include the Yang, Chen, Hao, Wu, and Sun. The most famous and widely practiced style of Tai Ji Quan is the Yang family style. The International Wushu Federation recognizes the 42 YangPosture Tai Ji Quan as an official division in competition Wushu.

Another popular practice is called Qi Gong. Qi Gong is a set of meditative breathing tichniques that strengthen the internal organs and produce a mystical energy called Qi. This internal energy can be used to help eliminate illnesses such as colds, flues, and even cancer. It is also used by martial artist during combat to defeat an opponent. Although it is rather difficult to comprehend, many theorist describe Qi as simply natural energy inherent in all living creatures.




San Shou, also known as Sanda, is the combative sport of Kung Fu which incorporates punches, kicks, throws, take downs, and in some cases grappling. Sanda is the Chinese version of MMA that dates back to the ancient history ofShuai Jiao. In Sanda, there are strict rules and regulations that each participant must acknowledge and abide by. A fighter can defeat an opponent through points, referee decision, or technical knockout.

Shuai Jiao which derived more than 4,000 years ago in China is the art of uprooting an opponent to the ground by utilizing numerous takedowns. Many Japanese styles including Jiu Jitsu,Judo, & Aikido all share a common lineage that can be traced to the ancient art of Shui Jiao. Today, Shui Jiao is interlinked with all fighting systems and take downs are utilized by nearly every Martial Art in the world.




Wushu Shaolin has developed a course specifically for Law Enforcement Officers, SWAT, and ordinary Security Guards. The program includes fighting styles from numerous traditional Kung Fu systems. It is a unique program that combines techniques from Wing Chun, San Da, Shuai Jiao, Qin Na, and Shaolin Kung Fu.

Officers are taught the proper technique to effectively and humanely apprehend a suspect. Techniques derived from Qi Na & Shuai Jiao are the most effective joint locks developed by mankind. In addition, all officers are highly trained in weapon disarming. The Wushu Shaolin Officer course includes an extensive knife, Gun, and weapon disarming program.




Wushu Shaolin has also developed a Womens Self Defense program. The course is designed for women of all ages. In addition to martial arts techniques, women learn valuable tips, education, and information about self defense and rape prevention. Students are introduced to Kung Fu as a specialized system designed as a survival tool.

Instead of learning forms or routines like traditional Kung Fu students, women are immersed with valuable fighting tichniques suitable for self defense. The goal is to develop awareness about the environment and vital human weaknesses inherent in each individual.