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Lion Dance Booking Info - Wushu Shaolin Entertainment 


Wushu Shaolin Entertainment is world renowned for producing International Chinese Cultural showcases featuring the most creative cultural artisans in the industry. The team has performed in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, and throughout the United States for countless distinguished guests. Each show takes months of preparation combining music, dance, Wushu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and elaborate Chinese Cultural Costumes.

In commemoration of the auspicious Chinese Lunar New Year, Wushu Shaolin Entertainment was invited to share with the students and faculty a bit of the Chinese traditional customs. During the noon assembly, a formal presentation was delivered with assistance from the Chinese Language teacher, participating students, and Wushu Shaolin Entertainment leading Chinese Cultural artisans. The presentation was an extraordinary experience for all of the students, many of which never experienced the Chinese Lion Dance, female ribbon dance, and Wushu / Kung Fu demonstrations.  Here is a wonderful video filled with many photographs and clips captured during the show. 


The Buckley School was founded in 1933 as an independent co-educational institution by Dr. Isabelle Buckley, drawing on her experiences abroad where schools emphasized well rounded programs, Dr. Buckley developed her own “4 Fold Plan of Education, “ which held the academics, arts, athletics, and education as equally weighted in a child’s formal development. Her vision for early childhood education drew a loyal following during the early days of the Buckley school when new transplants to the area adopted her philosophy for its value in building a strong and stable community. Buckley’s education philosophy has grown and adapted to meet evolving education needs, including new technology and experiential learning, supporting students with plentiful resources, meaningful personal connections, and a deep commitment to fostering a love of learning. 


For international clients interested in booking a Shaolin Warriors Live Showcase, Lion Dance, or Dragon Dance performance, please contact Wushu Shaolin Entertainment today.